Zoey Adds Fashion Flare in Coral Gables

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Zoey Adds Fashion Flare in Coral Gables

Date: Aug 23, 2019
Author: Dimarco Barea 74 No Comments

Every girl’s struggle: so much to do, nothing to wear. The Zoey Reva
brand has been dressing girls across the nation in the latest trends for the past two years, ensuring that they always have the perfect outfit for any occasion hanging right in their closet.

Transitioning from designing for wholesale to going direct to consumer in her e-commerce venture, founder Zoey Sage is proud of the customer base she’s created and feels that with her new showroom location her customers will now have a place to connect with her was well as each other, creating a
sense of community through fashion.

“There’s a huge difference between shopping your favorite brand online and in person,” says owner, creative director Zoey Sage. “I wanted to create a destination where my girls can come, try on their favorite pieces, hang out with their friends, get ready with me, and of course take all their pictures in a pretty showroom space.”

As you step inside the Zoey Reva showroom you are transported into every girl’s dream closet. Full length mirrors in every room, vibrant pink walls, and fluffy luxurious seating welcome you to this fashion girl’s paradise. Inside you have multiple Insta-worthy photo spots such as French molded walls, gorgeous gold floral wallpaper, and even a bright pink neon sign reminding the girls to “Stay Chic.”

Maintaining a distinct brand with each highly curated item, Zoey Reva is best known for its girly girl style focused on florals, dresses, and two piece sets. Catering to dressing girls for special events, or even day to day looks, the brand hopes to spark a sense of confidence, girl power, and femininity with whichever piece their customer walks away with.

“I’m really excited to welcome everyone to the showroom for the grand opening,” expresses Zoey Sage. “You can expect all the necessities: a rosé bar, photo wall, braid station and of course, all your favorite styles ready to shop.”

The new Zoey Reva showroom is located at 147 Alhambra Cir, Suite 205, in Coral Gables. It’s open Monday through Friday 2pm-7pm and Saturday 11am-2pm. The grand opening is taking place, Saturday July 27th from 12pm – 4pm.

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