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Locals Guide to Best Restaurants in Miami

Date: Aug 18, 2019
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When we think about the gastronomy in Miami, we can’t stop thinking about the word: Diversity. Miami is rich because of all the cultures that have mixed in one city. As you can expect, choosing the best restaurants in Miami is almost an impossible mission. That is why we got the help of our MMM Community by voting on their favorite restaurants in the 305! Behold what the people had to say was their Top… 31? Yes! 31! Because 10 is just not enough.

#32 – #5

With people mentioning each of these spots we had to show them love on the charts as they each received an equal amount of votes.

Even though these restaurants are marked on a 5-1 rank, doesn’t mean one is better than the other because actually, all of them had the same amount of votes!

#5 Blue Collar

We are officially friends of Blue Collar. Why? Because their whole concept goes around making you feel like we are one of their closest friends. Blue Collar is a small restaurant located in the MIMO district, where they serve a daily rotation of braised dishes. They like to keep it real casual while providing exceptional food, as well as service. 

#4 Cafe Avanti 

Established in 1989, this family-owned restaurant has always been considered as a local’s favorite due to the finesse of their Italian meals. Even the ambiance that you get while you are at the restaurant is just romantic. Talking about the food, it is influenced by authentic northern Italian dishes mixed also with French flair. PS. For our gluten-free fans, they have several options in their menu for gluten-free pasta.

#3 Mandolin Aegean Bistro

This incredible 1930s-era house with patio seating, does not only provide quality Greek and Turkish Cuisine, but also it makes you travel to the Taverns of The Aegean Coastal towns. Nestled in the Miami Design District, this Aegean restaurant even has its own edible garden in which they harvest their own seasonal ingredients. As fresh as this restaurant is, their mission is to serve unpretentious, healthy food by recreating dishes that are rustic to the villages of Greece and Turkey.

#2 That’s Mine Craft Burgers

If you are a fan of Wynwood, then you will love this place since they have partnered with Panther Coffee, Zak the Baker and Wynwood Brewing Company. Located in North Miami, That’s Mine Craft Burgers are more than just a simple burger. It is the perfect combination between a homemade burger and fresh bread and meat. Their crispy fries and their crafted beers are also a big element in this restaurant. Even though That’s Mine just opened a couple months ago, it is already ranking in our chart of locally recommended restaurants

#1 Pincho

Ah yes, Pincho. This amazing Latin Mixed restaurant keeps on growing and expanding! If you haven’t been to Pincho, are you really a Miamian? What we love about this restaurant are not necessarily the burgers, I mean, yes they are delicious, but they have so many options like the Latin Chicken Bowl, Grilled Kebabs or the famous Toston Chicken, which is like a burger that uses fried plantains instead of “buns”. Pincho has a meal concept influenced by Latin American dishes. Just like Miami, right? 

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