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Bliss in the Magic City

Date: Aug 23, 2019
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When visitors head to Miami you can bet they’re hoping to experience some of the best parties. It’s one of the draws of this city although we have so much more to offer. Sara Britto is a Puerto Rican and Brasilian entrepreneur who has been putting together an event called Rolling Bliss for three years. It brings together creatives, artists, vendors and more at 1306 every Wednesday. 

Putting together a weekly event is no easy feat, but Sara’s father is a businessman and taught her structure, common sense and how to fend for her independence. Her mother won several emmys for producing and writing amazing stories that compelled her audience. Sara always looked up to her parents. They had work ethic and determination. In this interview get to know Sara a little better, see what makes her tick, and gives her energy as she is on her journey to bring bliss to the Magic City!

‘The Fish House is where I discovered true improv.

How did you get started with your career?

I would have to say my love for music and gathering people together started when The Fish House on Miller became my church for a whole year. My friends and I would go listen to the best blues in miami, no joke. The Fish House is where I discovered true improv; my friends would get on stage and jam with the house band, it was epic. 

It was around that time I started to have jam parties at my house. At first it was a hobby until I started to wake up thinking about my next party, or the people I wanted to see perform together!

In the career/ business sense it started when my current business partner, Isabella Alzate, came into my life and inspired me to take the jam sessions to a whole new level. 

“We are meant to be vessels of love.”

What are you passionate about that wakes you up every day?

Knowing that my human existence has a purpose. Being able to impact people in a positive way keeps me going. There is too much bad in the world. Why would we add to it when we are meant to be vessels of love. like many people, I’m at a point of self discovery. I believe life is an on going, forever changing journey. 

You put together an event every week. Finding the bands, etc must take a lot of time. What are the challenges that you face when curating Rolling Bliss?

Finding bands is actually not a challenge. I surround myself by many musicians. Bands are like relationships. There’s constantly new music and new people grouping together. I look for people who “must express what they feel”. For me music is all about the message, then the feeling. We live in a world where we are always moving. At Rolling Bliss we try to promote genuine moments where people can stop and feel their surroundings. 

The biggest challenges we face is marketing to our people. I want my people to be happy and also bring the bliss the new people! I didn’t study hospitality or marketing. Everything we’ve built has been through trial, error and my intuition. Getting into a business mindset knowing about the operations inside an event and creating the show itself, can be a bit overwhelming, but I live for the rush, to be honest.

What advice would you give to others?

Never compare yourself, just keep doing what you love and the rest will flow.  Stay grateful, and never be on a sour note with people. People make the world go round. 

To find out more about Rolling Bliss follow them on Instagram. Bands interested in performing can complete this form online.

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